Disruptive innovation

Finalist at AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup, 4YFN Mobile World Congress Americas, LAUNCH Festival, Food+City Challenge, and at Global FoodTech DLD Tel Aviv


The Epicure Robotic Vending Bar - Innovative Healthy Consistent-Quality Convenient Affordable Sustainable Nutrition – the heart of health and wellness for everyone

Healthy, delicious, and affordable grab & go food is non-existent. 

The Epicure - smaller than a retail store but larger than a vending machine - aims to be the most affordable grab & go destination for high-quality delicious healthy-for-you and nutritious food.

The Epicure would be a beautiful, modern, enclosed, self-contained, cashless, modular, robotic vending machine that integrates cyber-physical systems to autonomously sell quick meals, coffees, teas, hot chocolate, smoothies, juices, and snacks.  

America tops the List of 10 Most Obese Countries. By 2030 50% of Americans will be obese. One of the best solutions to mitigate the obesity epidemic is for Americans to make healthier choices when they eat out.

Sales of snacks represent 40% of the $370 billion U.S. packaged food market. Millennials are driving the growth of the sector.

Millennials are reshaping how Americans eat, often opting for several snacks or small meals throughout the day. A quarter of Millennials have at least 4 snacks a day and more than a third are trending toward snacks as meal replacements. They considered healthy options when choosing a snack, they value customization, they are price conscious, and they prefer a streamlined shopping experience.