Collaborate and communicate with people and other robots 

At initial food preparation, at final mile food preparation, and at delivery 

Less carbon footprint


Chefs, artisans, and robot directors

Connected from farm to fork


Accessible, delicious, consistent quality, healthy, and affordable 

         More food for more people,            with less spoilage and waste


The Epicure would integrate food sourcing, preparation, maintenance, delivery, and recycling using robotics, information, and communication technology.

This smart holistic approach across the value networks makes it possible to deliver tailored products to meet individual customer needs - at low cost and high quality while facilitating real-time communication, process optimization, and savings.

The disruption comes from new value creation made possible by massive volumes of data from connected products, and the increased ability to make automated decisions and take actions in real time.

Machines coordinate logistics processes by themselves, the robots’ sensors self-diagnose, self-clean, optimize energy consumption, and provide real-time analytics. 

Food pre-preparation at Culinary Centers

Culinary Center