Epicure’s mission is to make Innovative Healthy Consistent-Quality Convenient Affordable Sustainable Nutrition accessible to everyone. Our logo of a white dove with the globe depicts our values for the land, humanity, and peace. We value all people; we keep our prices low so that the food which is nutritious and delicious is affordable and accessible to many. We value our farmers, our products are mostly organic, locally sourced, and all are fair-trade. We value animal welfare and 10% of profits go to the Humane Society of the United States.

We seek to partner with colleges, industrial robotics manufacturers, networking companies, government entities, culinary experts, industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers, luxury modern kitchen designers, and food tech innovators that can add value to help and transform the Epicure Robotic Vending Bar from concept to reality.

We seek to partner with people and organizations that believe in the democratization of the last urban food mile. It takes many of us to reach this goal.

We seek impact investors that want to get a return on their investment and that recognize - as we do - that we can all do well by doing good.

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